Getting Started

1. Call Us                                                                                                                              

All we need to get started is some simple information about your home and your approximate water consumption. (This can be as easy as telling us how live in your home) Other helpful details include approximate orientation of your roof (e.g., Southwest), roof material, etc. You can provide this information to us during the initial call or by email via our contact page.

          Call —————— (808) 482-1565

2. Schedule an Appointment                                                                                           

We will schedule a time for a Consultant to come to your home to perform a site evaluation and consultation. Site evaluations are free of charge and usually take less than 1 hour. It is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about how solar water heating works, the installation process, or any other technical or financial questions. During this visit, the Consultant will collect the information needed to generate a proposal.

3. Review Proposal                                                                                                        

Solar Engineering will deliver a proposal to you by email or in person. This proposal will include the initial system design, cost, and amount of the rebate and tax credit.

4. Sign Contract                                                                                                                    

If you decide to move ahead with the project, you will then sign a contract with Solar Engineering & Contracting. From here, we will take care of everything. This includes system design, permitting, construction, inspections, and rebate application/collection.

5. Installation                                                                                                          

Installation can commence once a contract has been signed, city permit obtained and materials procured. Residential installation will usually take a half a day.

6. Municipal and Utility Inspection                                                                               

After installation is complete, your system will be inspected by the governing municipality. Following your inspection, your system will be up and running. Solar Engineering will provide you with all owner’s manuals, warranties and instructions on how to monitor your system’s performance.


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